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Have a Happy Halloween with Spooky Suspense & Frightful Fantasy eBook Deals!


Spooky Suspense
& Frightful Fantasy!

This week we found one relentless vampire slayer, a few haunted houses, a couple of cop killers, and a bucket full of ghostly reads to trick-or-treat yourself with.

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Last Day to get New Release Romance eBook KISS ME, COWBOY for just 99cents!

Savage Art by Danielle Girard

Last Day at 99cents!

She didn’t mean to kiss him…

When dude ranch wrangler Charlotte – aka Charlie – Randall kisses Zack Harris in an act of empathy, she falls hat over spurs for the handsome military veteran turned cowboy. Zack has too many demons, however, and refuses to get involved. A year later, he’s still stonewalling, and Charlie needs to move on with her life so she can find a fulfilling relationship, not frustrating unrequited love. Putting distance between them seems the best way to get Zack out of her head and heart…but that means quitting the job she loves and accepting a position in Colorado.

He didn’t mean to kiss her back…

Growing up, Zack longed for a real family, and had one with his squad while deployed in Afghanistan. Now, he’s back in the States and doesn’t want anything messing up his new ranch family, no matter how much he’s attracted to the sexy, hard-working Charlie. She could break his heart and ruin the comfortable working relationship they and the other wranglers enjoy. Besides, her friends claim she’s looking for the perfect guy, and perfect he’s not.

A kiss is just a kiss…or is it?

When Zack learns Charlie’s thinking about leaving the ranch, he decides to find her a boyfriend — someone so good, so perfect, she has a reason to stay in Montana. Until he realizes too late that the only cowboy he wants her kissing is him. Can he commit to love and convince Charlie not to leave? Or has she made up her mind to put the past, and the kiss that started it all, behind her and move on without him?

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Paint the town Red with SAVAGE ART this Halloween!

Savage Art by Danielle Girard

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Paint the town Red
Halloween Night!

Death was his art. She would be his masterpiece.

They called him Leonardo—a master skilled in the art of murder. One year ago, Cincinnati was his canvas. A scalpel was his tool. And women were his works-in-progress. FBI profiler Casey McKinley was one of them, a victim of Leonardo’s twisted genius. She has the scars—and the nightmares—to prove it.

For Casey, a new city means a life far from the one she left behind in Cincinnati. In San Francisco she finally feels safe. Until a series of eerily familiar slayings plunges her back into Leonardo’s game. Now she must catch this clever killer before he can unveil his ultimate masterpiece. Only this time she’ll play by a different set of rules—hers. 

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11 Enchanting eBooks for the Romance Reader


11 eBooks You Can
Fall in Love with!

This week we discovered one confusing kiss, an unforgettable tragedy, seven enchanted lovers, and a handful of his-and-her treasures for your reading pleasure.

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Playing God hit #10 on BN’s Top Mystery Books Under $5

Playing God by Kate Flora, Thriller

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Award-winning Author Kate Flora’s murder mystery Playing God came in at #10 on Barnes And Noble’s Top 500 Mysteries for under $5! Haven’t read it? Take a look!

On an icy February night, the body of Steven Pleasant, a prominent Portland, Maine physician, grows cold in his parked Mercedes. All signs point to a john killed by a disgruntled hooker: his pants are unzipped, wallet is gone, and the good doctor has a reputation for entertaining girls in his car.

But the deeper Detective Sergeant Joe Burgess digs, the muddier the case becomes. While juggling hookers, wives, ex-wives, fathers, stepfathers, dealers and doctors, a nurse on Pleasant’s staff suggests another angle—disgruntled patients.

Now, ensconced in the darkness of a sleeping hospital, Burgess comes face-to-face with ghosts from his past and must decide what being a detective really means.

Available At: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo

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99cent Romantic Suspense eBook Deal!

Love is Patient by D. P. Memory, A Romantic Suspense eBook

Romantic Suspense
At its Best!

Fran Kadylak is recovering from surgery that has stripped her of any hope she had of ever bearing the children she and her husband Ken have been praying for. She is going to leave her darling husband because she loves him too much to deprive him of the children he longs for.

Fran’s mother and Ken’s aunt are scheming together to get the young couple back together again. Aunt Alicia came up with the perfect solution to their broken hearts. She volunteers to be a surrogate mother for Fran and Ken. Alicia’s family is dumbfounded that she would be willing to go through a risky pregnancy when her own two sons are already teens. Her husband, Jonathan, is demanding guarantees that his own wife’s health won’t be sacrificed in the bargain.

Fran and Ken can’t believe their good fortune when Aunt Alicia’s invitro fertilization goes so well she is pregnant with not one, but twin infants. Now Fran and Ken have gotten their lives back on track. Aunt Alicia’s pregnancy is well underway at home in Mars, PA. Fran and Ken are taking off to New York City for a job interview that could mean a big promotion for Ken. They will be meeting with a financial advisor at the famous World Trade Center to discuss how to invest some money Fran inherited from her grandmother. Fran and Ken are rejoicing; life is perfect.

Available At: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo

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Congratulations to Betty Bolte for winning the Youth Media Top Book Award!

Hometown Heroines by Betty Bolte, A Historical Fiction eBook

True stories of American girls who faced danger & adversity to make a difference.

Congratulations to Betty Bolte for winning the Youth Media Top Book Award with Hometown Heronines! Haven’t read the book? Take a look!

HOMETOWN HEROINES is a collection of true stories that depict bravery and adventuer.

During the 1800s, daring and courageous girls across America left their unique mark on history.

Milly Cooper galloped 9 miles through hostile Indian Territory to summon help when Fort Cooper was under attack.

Belle Boyd risked her life spying for the Rebels during the Civil War.

Kate Shelly, when she was 15, crawled across a nearly washed-out railroad bridge during a ferocious thunderstorm to warn the next train.

Lucille Mulhall, age 14, outperformed cowboys to become the World’s First Famous Cowgirl.

These are just a few of the inspiring true stories inside Hometown Heroines—American Girls who faced danger and adversity and made a difference in their world.

Available At: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Waterstones

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Fireman Tony Cruz faces AN IGNITING ATTRACTION in this Contemporary Romance eBook

An Igniting Attraction (To Protect and Serve, Heroes in Uniform Series, Book 1) by Stef Ann Holm, Contemporary Romance

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Fireman Tony Cruz faces the charred ruins of his life. Burned by his adulteress wife, Tony just lost his precious step-daughter in the resulting divorce.

Across the street, Natalie Goodwin is enjoying her empty nest. The ink dry on her divorce papers and her daughter now in college, Natalie is realizing her dream: opening her very own flower shop. Life is finally going right, until Tony Cruz walks in the door.

Now sparks of desire are flying everywhere, each one threatening to ignite Natalie’s own fire. But falling for a hunky fireman nine years her junior is not part of the plan.

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Happy Columbus Day! Celebrate with a Historical Romance eBook

Savage Destiny by Phoene Conn, A Historical Western Romance eBook

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When King George II orders the Acadians, descendants of 17th-century French colonists, expelled from their Nova Scotian land, Arielle Douville, an Acadian healer, reluctantly agrees to translate for the captain of the Virginia Militia, Byron Barclay.

Arielle has always despised everything English until Byron’s unexpected promise to keep the families together in the American Colonies challenges her heart.

But when the pair are aboard the ship bound for the Colonies, the Acadians seize Byron and take control.

Now Arielle must choose: side with her people or fight for the inevitable new way of Acadian life and earn the right to discover if the growing passion between her and Byron is love.

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Young Adult Fantasy at its Best!

In Amazon’s Top
Alien eBooks

Nerdy astronomy geek Marsha, M to her few friends, has never been anybody special. Orphaned as an infant and reluctantly raised by an overly-strict “aunt,” she’s not even sure who she is. M’s dream of someday escaping tiny Jewel, Indiana and making her mark in the world seems impossibly distant until hot new quarterback Rigel inexplicably befriends her. As Rigel turns his back on fawning cheerleaders to spend time with M, strange things start to happen: her acne clears up, her eyesight improves to the point she can ditch her thick glasses, and when they touch, sparks fly—literally! When M digs for a reason, she discovers deep secrets that will change her formerly humdrum life forever . . . and expose her to perils she never dreamed of. Yes, the middle of nowhere just got a lot more interesting!

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